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@ -6,10 +6,6 @@ It takes advantage of modern frameworks (Laravel, Bootstrap 4, VueJS) as well as
You can see Blue Twilight in action on my own photo gallery - the reason I wrote Blue Twilight - at: [photos.andysh.uk](https://photos.andysh.uk)
## Blue Twilight Cloud
If you want your own dedicated, private instance of Blue Twilight without the hassle of managing servers, hosting and updates - check out [Blue Twilight Cloud](https://showmy.photos).
## Demo System
See Blue Twilight in action using the demo system. Full details are [available here](https://showmy.photos/demo/).
@ -24,7 +20,7 @@ The link to the demo system is: https://demo.showmy.photos. Login with:
* [Blue Twilight website](https://showmy.photos/)
* [User Manual](https://showmy.photos/user-guide/)
* [Installation Guide](https://showmy.photos/user-guide/installation/)
* [Issues/Tasks](https://apps.andysh.uk/aheathershaw/blue-twilight/issues)
* [Issues/Tasks](https://projects.waggybytes.com/aheathershaw/blue-twilight/issues)
* [Roadmap](https://apps.andysh.uk/aheathershaw/blue-twilight/milestones)
## Need Help?