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    v2.1.0 Stable

    aheathershaw released this 2017-10-01 21:15:47 +01:00 | 32 commits to v2.1 since this release

    The first functionality release to the v2 release of Blue Twilight incorporates 26 tickets - bringing some great new features to the open-source PHP photo gallery.

    To update to v2.1.0, download and extract the zip/tar file over the top of your existing installation.
    Browse to http://your.gallery.url/update.php and click the button to update your Composer packages.

    Features & Enhancements

    • #2 : a new quick-post option has been added to the navigation bar. If you have permissions, you can quickly upload one or more photos from any screen!
    • #3 : a new "statistics" screen has been added, showing some interesting insights into the photos within your gallery. Choose whether you want to show these stats to your users or just keep them to yourself.
    • #29 : photos can now be "tagged" with one or more labels. Virtual albums are then displayed to your users based on the labels.
    • #31 : it's now possible to replace a photo's image without having to delete it, losing all the meta-data.
    • #32 : when viewing an album in the gallery, previous and next buttons allow navigation within the album.
    • #38 : a new page has been added allowing you to upgrade the meta-data for your photos when we add new features
    • #41 : with meta-data v2, we now analyse and display more photographer-specific details, such as aperture, shutter speed and focal length - if provided by your camera.
    • #54 : improvements to the way child albums are used and displayed if the parent album has no photos of its own
    • #56 : the Open/Manage Album buttons now open in the same window, allowing quick navigation between the views.
    • #60 : a new About screen has been added which checks Github for the latest release

    Bug Fixes

    • #35 : the "install Composer" button on the installation screen has been fixed to work with Safari
    • #37 : all pages now inherit the layout from the theme, if provided
    • #39 : Exif data is removed when a photo is rotated. The Exif data is still removed, but Blue Twilight remembers the original data analysed from the photo. Any rotated photos will need to be re-uploaded to store the Exif data that was removed.
    • #44 : The album view selector didn't work on the slideshow view. It does now.
    • #46 : The default view setting in an album did not take effect. It does now.
    • #47 : Photo images on the default view are now linked to the photo page itself.
    • #48 : Improved the handling of Composer dependencies when allow_url_fopen is disabled.
    • #50 : Improved the handling of OS detection which required exec()
    • #51 : Fixed an issue where permissions were not added to the database during a clean install.
    • #52 : Removed the Bootstrap 4 custom file pickers as they don't currently show selected file names.
    • #55 : Child albums where the user did not have permission to view them were still visible in the parent view.


    • #6 : The Laravel application framework has been upgraded to 5.4. This requires your Composer dependencies to be updated. Visit /update.php after extracting the new release to ensure this is done.